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AYS’ current Board President Tim Witmer will end his two-year presidential term at our annual meeting on September 16 and retire off of the board. We asked Tim to reflect on his eight years on the AYS board of directors.

Looking Back…tim witmer

It has truly been an honor and pleasure to have served as AYS’ board president for the past two years.  We’ve accomplished much, but there is a lot more to do.

As I look back over the past two years, plus an additional six years as a board member, I realize that AYS has grown in so many ways.  As an organization, we continue to serve over 2,000 students each year while adding enrichment opportunities for all locations. We’ve also added more schools to our roster, enabling us to reach more children and their families.

Thinking about the staff, I’m always amazed at how each individual AYS employee embodies our mission statement of specializing in providing high-quality, educational and safe programs for children outside of school hours. From the administrators to site staff, I have never seen a more dedicated group of people coming together for the good of the children and families we serve. Having visited various school sites, I realize it’s not an easy job, but I truly feel that the AYS team makes a lasting and meaningful impact on our kids…and they do it with such patience and caring.

There has also been a lot of growth on the board side as well. In fact, we currently have the most engaged group of board members I’ve seen. They individually bring various skill sets to the table; however, each one seems to mesh seamlessly as we advance the board’s agenda year after year. I’m proud to say we are financially strong, which enables us to address scholarship funding, technology and employee initiatives without sacrificing our fiduciary responsibilities. I’m proud to have served with such high-integrity board members.

Maybe the most significant event over the past two years as board president was the retirement of our Founder and CEO Ellen Clippinger. She led the organization passionately and gracefully for over 30 years. We should consistently thank her for what she achieved and the positive impact she had on the youth of central Indiana. Moving forward, I feel we hired a high-achieving, motivated and talented President/CEO in Chrystal Struben. This was an important point in our history, and we could not have done it without the staff, board of directors, constituents and friends of AYS. We look forward to many fruitful years under Chrystal’s direction.

Thanks to all who have served on the board, the staff and supporters of the organization…though I’m stepping away for now, my loyalty will always be with AYS.

Tim Witmer



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