Community service and AYS go together like two peas in a pod.

noblesville-peapod-2Community service and AYS go together like two peas in a pod.

That’s why we were so excited when Peapod, the country’s leading internet grocer, approached us to take part in their “Kids Give Back” program.

Through Peapod’s initiative, they offered AYS kids the chance to learn about nutrition, practice their math skills and understand how they can make a positive impact on their community.  In short, Peapod provided lesson plans for our site directors.  Students then went online and purchased the most nutritious foods they could within a specific budget, which would be donated by Peapod to a local food bank.

Our program at Newby Elementary School in Speedway “had a blast” with their Peapod experience, according to Site Director Blanche Wright.

“The kids were very passionate about feeding the hungry in America after watching the video provided by Peapod,” Wright said.  “Their little hearts were filled with sadness thinking that some people don’t have food to eat.   They got really excited knowing that they could contribute by participating in this unique way of addressing hunger.”


“The kids were so engaged in the activities, especially in ‘Eat This, Not That,’ because we created a bingo game out of that healthy eating project.  They made a big poster on that topic, as well,” Wright added.  “After finishing Kids Give Back, they adopted the saying, ‘I am thankful for my food.’  The kids walked away knowing that everyone isn’t fortune enough to eat and they are thankful they can eat and help others to eat, too.”

The AYS program at Hazel Dell Elementary School in Noblesville had a great time participating in the Peapod project, as well.

“We went through the curriculum and it focused on healthy foods and snacks, eating a rainbow of colors and good nutrition, reading food labels, and using fundamental math skills,” said Site Director Jamie Gunn.  “The kids really enjoyed this community service project.”


Thank you, Peapod, for providing our kids with this great learning opportunity!

Do you have an idea for a community service project?  Or would you like to share your thoughts on this one?  Comment below!



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  1. Mark David September 18, 2016 4:38 am #

    Good work done by you guys. I like to appreciate this and get connect with you for more social work for other people.

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