Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week – Andrea Straughan

AS-WeekWho: Andrea Straughan, program director at Fox Hill
18 years (started out at Harcourt Elementary school as a program assistant and shortly after was promoted to program director)

Favorite color: Green for money — after all, who doesn’t like money?
Favorite season: Not sure
Favorite ice cream: Caramel Praline from Baskin Robbin’s

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of working with AYS?

A:  I would say the most rewarding aspect of my job is the children, knowing that I am there for them when they need that extra ear. Two: the flexibility in scheduling. And third: the relationship between myself and the parents, reassuring them that their little ones are safe in our care while they are away.

Q: How have you seen yourself grow during your time with AYS?

A:  As stated earlier on I started out as a program assistant, then I was promoted to a director. Then, our program closed at Harcourt… Half of my time I worked in administration in the HR department and half in a program as an assistant director. And now I’m back full time as a director at Fox Hill. You might as well say I wore many different hats here at AYS.

Andrea-SQ: What is the most memorable story during your time at AYS?

A: I would say my most memorable time at AYS was probably at Harcourt when I first started. I worked with some fabulous women and children. Whenever the weather would permit it, I would be outside with the kids flying kites, running all over the place just enjoying my job and all the little reasons why I worked here. I had so much fun until I started breaking body parts [laughs]. I sprained my ankle flying kites with the little ones but that didn’t stop me. I fell off the swing and broke my arm but that didn’t stop me either. I was involved in a rock climbing activity at a fall training and fell and sprained my other ankle but that, too, didn’t stop me nor made me quit my job at AYS. Why? Because I love what I do. I honestly have to say that this is my longest job I ever had, because I enjoy what I do. I know these stories all seem traumatic but these were the most memorable times for me at AYS.


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  1. Jim April 26, 2017 1:15 am #

    The best program in the AYS System resides at the Pittsboro Elementary, in Pittsboro In. This is a program ran by giving and caring individuals. The children that come from this program, remember their time there long after they’ve graduated high school and into their young adult lives. Job well done Miss Denise and staff !!!

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