Camp AYS: Branching Out During Grow Further Week

Grow Further WeekThis is one part in a series of posts about Camp AYS 2017. Visit our general blog page for more wrap-ups.

pt summer `Camp AYS kids sprouted up, around and sideways during Grow Further Week!

Kids at our Pittsboro Primary camp walked to Scamahorn Park to create a butterfly garden. The children weeded the plot, planted the flowers, painted rocks to decorate the area, and walked over daily to make sure the new plants had plenty of water.

Austin Moxley, founder and owner of Kingdom Farms, visited this program as well. He talked about the urban vegetable farm he created and taught AYS kids how to grow a variety of nutritious produce.

SWNA couple of our campers thought outside of the garden. Kids at Allisonville Elementary made dirt pudding, and North Elementary campers made edible flowers.

Campers at Newby decorated recycled water bottle flower pots and then planted flower seeds to take home. Others decorated glass jars.

Many of our kids also created water bottle bird feeders an  d balloon greenhouses, and decorated flower pots.


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