A Different Perspective: Part I

_MG_1689My name is Jimmy Lafakis, and I am a junior journalism student at Butler University. I have had the pleasure of working for AYS for the past month. When I accepted the Development and Marketing Intern position at AYS, I had no idea that I would be able to make such personal connections with the kids. It is really interesting to travel around Indianapolis and see how the different programs operate. I’ve taken photos of a dance party, STEAM Week activities, and many other fun things. It seems like the kids have fun every single day. But not only do they have fun, they also learn. They work in groups and collaborate on assignments.


I absolutely love talking with the kids and seeing what they enjoy. When I was a kid, I loved playing with action figures and playing outside with my friends. It is great to see that kids nowadays enjoy the exact same things. It takes me back to my childhood days. I know I’m only 21, but I feel the fountain of youth exuding everywhere when I step into a program. The activities make me feel alive.

The kids are just awesome. I have so much fun. Some are a little camera-shy, but they warm up later. They bring so much joy into each and every program and each trip is always entertaining for me. I can truly say I look forward to going to each program and seeing the adventure that lies in store. I have only scratched the surface on the list of schools, and I hope as Icontinue to travel to new ones, I also get to revisit old ones. These kids are so intelligent and know how to do the right thing.

This is all about the kids. I can just fade into the background and do my job. I can capture moments of kids having fun. And that is a wonderful thing. I know there are a lot more fun activities ahead. I cannot wait to experience them.



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