Maureen Grey

Maureen Grey, Director of Program Services

Maureen holds a wealth of historical knowledge for AYS, as she has been with the organization since 1987. Currently, Maureen oversees an administrative team of six employees who in turn oversee all of AYS’ many sites. She is integral to developing and maintaining positive relationships with school administrators and oversees contract development and implementation. Maureen initially joined AYS as a program assistant and has worked her way through the organization, having lead the program services (formerly program operations) department since 1992.

Maureen has been a member of the National Afterschool Association (NAA) since 1997, as well as a member of both the Indiana Youth PRO Association and the Afterschool Coalition of Indianapolis since 2005. Maureen has previously served as an Indiana Youth Development credential reviewer and an NAA program endorser. Maureen received her own Indiana Youth Development credential in 2010.

Maureen holds a bachelor of arts degree in social work from Ball State University.