COVID-19 – When a Child is Sick

When a Child is Sick

Child Seclusion Due to Illness 

If a child exhibits signs of illness during the program time, the following steps will occur: 

  • Leader is notified discreetly via walkie talkie about need to seclude a child 
  • Leader or associate not in ratio comes to the room and has child retrieve their belongings and escorts child to designated seclusion space 
  • While child is being escorted to seclusion space, leader or associate is contacting parent/guardian. If initial parent/guardian does not answer, staff are to call the next contact listed in the enrollment paperwork and will continue to call until an authorized individual answer.   
    • Once an authorized individual answer, AYS staff will inform the individual of the concern and the need for the child to be picked up immediately 
  • The staff member in the room in which the child was present will immediately begin cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces with which the child had contact 
  • Staff member shall supervise child in seclusion, but maintain a safe distance of approximately 10feet 
  • Leader and team will determine if an alternative room is available for the other students until after the space the child was in can be disinfected thoroughly 
  • Leader will work with school partner on cleaning protocol for that space 
  • When pick-up occurs, leader will inform parent of the need to be informed of the results, positive or negative, should the child be tested for COVID-19 
  • Director of OST Quality and Director of Legal Affairs will be notified immediately of seclusion and any information shared by the parent 

Siblings of Ill or Exposed Students 

In the event that a student becomes ill or is exposed to COVID-19, AYS will align with school policies in regards to decisions made for siblings of the affected student. The Youth Development Leader will speak directly with the family regarding sibling attendance.

Staff and Student Return to Programming After Illness 

AYS is adopting the recommendations and guidance from the Indiana Department of Health as it pertains to the safe return to program of individuals who have been ill. Guidance is available here on Page 9.