Closings & Delays

SNOW SITES 2013/14

IPS  – AYS will operate at First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church at 4701 Central Avenue, Indianapolis.
Washington Township – AYS will operate at Crooked Creek, Allisonville and Nora.
Noblesville – AYS will operate at Hazel Dell and White River.
Decatur Township – AYS will operate at Valley Mills.

Please read AYS’ policies and procedures regarding delays, closings, and early releases due to weather or other emergencies as posted below.

If the beginning of the school day is delayed, AYS programs will open at regular time (unless restricted by the school) and remain open until school starts. You are encouraged to call the program to ensure staff arrived at the site. If any non-AYS families need our service, they have the option to participate by completing a Provisional Registration Form and paying the applicable fees.

If the school delay changes to a cancellation after children have arrived, a full day of care will then take place. AYS will alert parents, and make arrangements for lunch.

If conditions worsen to a state of emergency after the program opens, AYS will not accept any more children at the site. If the conditions do not improve, AYS administration will decide on the best course of action.

If school is cancelled due to bad weather or another emergency, AYS will operate at limited locations. Programs will combine at specified sites, provided that the AYS staff and the school custodians can get to the schools. However, if no children arrive at the program and no parent calls by 9:30 am, AYS’ administration reserves the right to close the program. If a county issues a state of emergency, all sites in that county will be closed. Non-AYS families may attend following procedures stated above in Delays.

Early Releases
If students are released early due to bad weather or another emergency, the program director will get to the school as soon as possible to receive the children. Program directors may notify the parents that school is being dismissed early, but that AYS will remain open unless otherwise decided by AYS administration.