What Parents Have to Say

AYS has been a huge help with homework. I work long days and homework time at home is a stressful time. It allows for good quality time in the evenings.

– AYS-St. Luke Parent

“My children LOVE all of the AYS teachers, every single one without exception. Each staff member plays a very important part in my children’s lives and those of the other children. Each AYS teacher knows all their children extremely well, including his or her personal habits, homework needs and food allergies. Furthermore, each child knows he or she can trust and depend on the AYS staff.”

– AYS-Allisonville Parent

AYS is essential for my child to be happy and safe while I work. Can’t imagine what I would do without it.

– AYS-Hinkle Creek and AYS-Noble Crossing Parent

AYS allows us to focus on our work, but also assists in education and development through things such as STEM/STEAM activities and homework assistance.

– AYS Noblesville Family 2013