What Parents Have to Say

“The AYS program has been a true blessing for our family. We have come to trust the quality, reliable care that gives us, as parents, the luxury to fulfill our work duties worry free. The program has become more than just childcare or “coverage” to us.”

– AYS-St. Luke Parent

“My children LOVE all of the AYS teachers, every single one without exception. Each staff member plays a very important part in my children’s lives and those of the other children. Each AYS teacher knows all their children extremely well, including his or her personal habits, homework needs and food allergies. Furthermore, each child knows he or she can trust and depend on the AYS staff.”

– AYS-Allisonville Parent

“I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with AYS. The staff I’ve dealt with are all amazing. Both of my kids have enjoyed attending. The program is not just a “childcare” program. The school age program enhances the education they get during the day at school.”


– AYS-Hinkle Creek and AYS-Noble Crossing Parent

The AYS program is a wonderfully organized program completely focused on the needs of the children and their families. […] Our daughters LOVE the AYS program. Every day is filled with multiple engaging activities. AYS provides fun games and unbelievably creative arts and crafts activities on a daily basis (it isn’t just crayons, markers, construction paper and glue sticks.) When we pick up our daughters we are always eager to see what they have created. My husband and I have said on multiple occasions how happy we are that our girls are in the AYS program.

– AYS Noblesville Family 2013