A Different Perspective: Part II

Hey, everyone! Jimmy Lafakis here again. I am approaching the end of my internship at AYS. Recently, I’ve traveled across central Indiana to observe several AYS camps during spring breaks. I have had a lot of fun on my travels, and wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

Each school brings a different adventure. I love seeing how different programs operate and what they do. At Valley Mills Elementary School, the kids had the chance to play with shaving cream on the table. They pounded the table and the room erupted with laughter and joy… just some kids having fun on their break. Sometimes, getting messy during spring break is all that is needed. At Allisonville, I watched the kids run around the gym and enjoy spirited games of dodgeball and truly savoring childhood. It harkened me back to when I was a kid, when the biggest worry was who you would select for your team. At Greenbriar, students played interactive games and learned in the computer lab. Even on spring break, our AYS kids are learning and expanding their minds. And finally, I went to Speedway Wheeler for the second time to watch kids play and have fun. They played a game called “Steal the Bacon,” where two players would run at the “bacon” (a bowling pin). They would capture it and try to evade the other player, who chased after them. If the player made it back to his or her team and crossed the line, they earned a point.

The game came down to the last point. Competitive? Yes. Fun? Always.

Taking photos and talking to these kids has become an extremely rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoy seeing what the AYS kids are up to. Spring break was a lot of fun. It truly is my pleasure!

Jimmy Lafakis


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