Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week – Marcus Jackson

Who: Marcus Jackson, Program Director at Phalen Leadership Academy

Years of Experience: 10 years with AYS

Favorite Color: Blue. It’s a peaceful color.

Favorite Season: Summer. It’s the warmest of them all.

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and cream.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of working with AYS?

A: Working with kids. Just knowing that they remember you for the rest of their lives and having that kind of impact on them.

Q: What is the most memorable AYS story from your time here?

A: Twice a year, I go to the previous AYS program I was at. I play dodge ball against the sixth graders and watch their Christmas play. I love going back there every time.

Q: Why are the kids special?

A: Just seeing the kids smile reminds me of how we need to carry ourselves as adults. They might get into it with each other, and then start playing with each other 20 minutes later. It’s a constant reminder for the adults to behave.



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