Leslie Hankins

Leslie Hankins, Director of Development and Marketing

Leslie is the Director of Development and Marketing for AYS, Inc.  She has a Master of Public Affairs degree and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree, both from Indiana University. She became a Certified Fundraising Executive in 2017.

The summer after receiving her BA, Leslie first pursued her passion for children by caring for infants at a local child care center before attaining a job aligned with her field of study.  Leslie worked as an assistant in the Advertising Department of The American Legion Magazine, a publication distributed both nationally and internationally.  After three years at The Legion, an opportunity arose at AYS that would allow Leslie to combine both her professional talents and her desire to improve the lives of children.

Leslie joined AYS in November 2004 as the Marketing/Public Relations/Grants Coordinator and was promoted about a year later to Assistant Director of Resource Development.  She was promoted to Director of Resource Development in 2012, and her title and job duties changed in 2015 when she became the Director of Development and Marketing.  Leslie still uses the writing and editing skills that she honed in her undergraduate studies to pursue funding and visibility opportunities in order for AYS to serve more children and to offer a wider variety of opportunities within our programs. She also represents AYS in the community, in order to promote AYS programs and develop partnerships that will improve our services.